Altruism is characterised as selflessness to promote someone else’s welfare. Those who are altruistic
typically put others first and care about the people around them.

There are different types of altruism:

Reciprocal altruism is helping someone because one day they may be able to help you. However,  this type of altruism can lead to disappoint if they don’t reciprocate.

Genetic altruism is behaviour that benefits family members. This is common in parent-child relationships,
parents typically sacrifice their time and money for the child’s well-being.

Pure altruism also called moral altruism involves helping people without the expectation of reciprocity or reward.

Group-selected altruism is when you would rather help your close friends rather than strangers. Or, you support a cause that is specifically important to you.

Altruism brings more of a deeper meaning to our lives, when we see people helping each other, it inspires us to do the same. Acts of kindness can improve the feelings of confidence, happiness and optimism. Here are just a few ways you can get involved with Altruistic August:

– Find a way to “pay it forward” or support a good cause.
– Do something kind to help in your local community.
– Ask someone how they feel and really listen to their reply.
– Check in with someone who may be lonely or feeling anxious.

To find out more visit: Altruistic August | Action for Happiness