Crowders Nurseries have donated £50 to the LBKA (Lincolnshire Beekeeper Association) which is a volunteer run organisation and registered charity.

See above a picture of Jenny Hall, Head of Sales and Estimating at Crowders, offering Mark Baker, the representative for LBKA, a £50 cheque.

LBKA is an educational charity which strives to teach the art of Beekeeping while educating its members throughout their time with the charity. The LBKA website states: “we are a registered charity aiming to encourage, improve and advance apiculture across the county of Lincolnshire.” This insight provides some clarity on the work of this charity and supports the donation from Crowders Nurseries.

The charity is based in Lincolnshire and provides their credibility through being affiliated members of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA).

The LBKA encourages its volunteers to participate and promote an open and enthusiastic atmosphere within the charity and their events, focusing on providing an educational opportunity. LBKA offer qualifications to their volunteers through the BBKA focusing on bee life, development, honey health, dealing with honey/ wax and swarm control, followed by an examination process to finalise the experience.

With this understanding, Crowders have donated £50 to the cause – in the hope this can support the charity where they see appropriate.

Jenny Hall, Head of Sales and Estimating at Crowders said: “I think this is a really interesting charity to support, their work is worthwhile and perfectly correlates with the environmental work of Crowders; trying to make a positive change to our climate.”