Crowders Nurseries have recently supplied 4,500 trees planted by 60 volunteers to create a 1.2km long hedge. This planting is part of a fruit and nut ‘long forest’ for wildlife at the Gliding Centre, Husbands Bosworth. Not only does each metre of hedge positively contribute to battling Co2 emissions, but it also offers various fruit species (hawthorn, sloe, hazel, and dog rose) to local wildlife – a project Crowders are thrilled to have contributed towards.

This project, along with Harborough Woodland’s numerous school projects, is aimed at encouraging natural flood management (NFM) – through additional tree planting. The volunteers recognise that the upper Welland catchment has an increased risk of flooding, due to global warming, so aim to initiate projects to combat this threat.

This was a great project for Crowders as it provided an opportunity to supply resources to create the 1.2km long hedge, to encourage local wildlife, battle climate change, and aid in creating NFM.

The group of volunteers for this project included individuals from local communities, Leicester, Broughton Astley and Fleckney, additionally, three Tree Wardens and Councillors were in attendance – volunteers were of all ages.

(All photos were taken by Gary Guows Gliding Centre and Osbourne photography.)