Action for Happiness is a global movement charity that are providing another monthly initiative. Last month we supported Action for Happiness’ ‘Friendly February’ and this month we are showing our support for ‘Mindful March.’

Action for Happiness are a global charity aiming to create a kinder and happier world – providing people with actions to spread positivity and reach their company goals throughout the year. This month Action for Happiness states: ‘Let’s pause, breath and notice, so we can respond more mindfully.’ ‘Mindful March’ is part of a positive movement supported by the latest scientific research, including psychology, education, economics, and social innovation. As we support the work of this charity, our team members join the pledge to ‘create more happiness in the world.’

At Crowders we take great care in supporting all team members and ensuring their welfare is at the centre of our internal focus. We believe an awareness of mental health must be present within our company. Additionally, it is stated by the NHS that practising mindfulness can “help us notice signs of stress and anxiety earlier and helps us deal with them better” – an additional reason to ensure mindfulness is present within our workplace.

Our mental health First Aider Sarah Curzon guides Crowders in supporting worthy initiatives and practicing a positive workplace environment. Through the help of Action for Happiness’ Mindful March calendar, Sarah states: “Although it doesn’t work for everyone, practising mindfulness can help in the workplace, some examples of coping mechanisms are listed below: –

  •  Listen deeply to someone and really hear what they are saying.
  •   Take three calm breaths at regular intervals during your day
  •   Notice how you speak to yourself and choose to use kind words.”

Not only do Action for Happiness offer monthly motivation, but they also provide a full service to encourage individuals in their mission to spread happiness. Online coaching, talks, groups, courses, happy cafes, and volunteering – just some of the initiatives on offer through Action for Happiness.

If you would like to know more, go to their website: Mindful March | Action for Happiness


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