In November 2021 Crowders Nurseries supplied the trees to enable the creation of a new Woodland in Lincolnshire, the project was headed by Ground Control – UK award winning winter maintenance and external solutions provider – and designed to mark National Tree Week.

The ‘Open Wood’ positively contributes to the environment, in an attempt to counteract CO2 emissions within the local community.

Crowders supplied 3,339 native tree species including, but not limited to, Alder, Black Poplar, Cherry and Crack Willow.

Crowders are honoured to have supplied to such a worthwhile project. Our team work tirelessly on our three nursery sites to ensure our stock is of the very best quality; stock supplied for this project was no different. As climate change continues to pose a great threat, having the chance to positively combat this was an opportunity we relished. However, not only is this a positive project it is also a chance to provide some beauty and biodiversity in the community.

‘Open Wood’ was funded by Ground Control, more specifically through their unique Evergreen Fund. This fund is used to support initiatives focused on sustainability and the environment – both worthy incentives!

Within the next 50 years the trees planted this year will have isolated approximately 160 tonnes of CO2e and the hedgerow 270 tonnes of CO2e – a significant local contribution for Old Bolingbroke to the national Net Zero aim.