Here at Crowders Nurseries we are passionate about providing quality trees, plants and shrubs to all our customers from the UK and in Europe.

However, there recently been an unprecedented demand for horticultural productswhich has led to an increased amount of pressure on the supply chain. This subsequently means that there are now shortages and price rises for our range of goods.

This is something that everybody in the horticultural industry is facing and at Crowders we are working hard to serve our customers as best as possible.

We will have increased capacity, but due to the nature of horticulture unfortunately there will be continued pressure on our stock and prices throughout this spring and summer.

Our experienced sales team will do their best to answer any questions and serve you as best as they can. We recommend that you get in touch as soon as possible with any queries to avoid any disappointment.

Continue to check our website for any updates on stock availability and progress.