Herbaceous & Perennials

From small ornamental grasses to 5L and 10L instant impact planting material, we can supply the full range of herbaceous and perennials.

We can supply the full range of herbaceous and perennial planting material and specifications, and aim to offer a one stop shop solution, so your complete order can be combined into a single delivery.

We grow the full range of herbaceous and perennial planting material and specifications at Crowders Nurseries, and our experienced production team frequently monitor the latest trends in the landscaping industry to ensure the our stock always includes the most popular varieties, available at the right time of year for planting. To that end, we’ve put significant investment into increasing our range of grasses, as well as instant impact herbaceous material.

As the majority of our herbaceous and perennial range is grown on our own production base to our exacting biosecurity standards, we’re able to fully safeguard against pests and disease, ensuring our planting material is always of the highest quality. What’s more, we ensure that all the herbaceous and perennials we stock have been on our production base for a minimum of 3-6 months, allowing us to offer a chain of custody you can count on.

Looking for an unusual or specific variety? Thanks to our extensive network of trusted suppliers, we’re able to source a vast range of planting material, and combine it with the rest of your order into a single delivery. Just send your plant list to our experienced team, and we’ll be more than happy to provide a quote, or even suggest varieties that may be better suited to fulfilling your client’s vision.

Looking for instant impact material? We grow our herbaceous and perennials in sizes up to 5L and 10L containers, which are ideal for projects requiring an immediate impression.

Want to make sure your next planting scheme is beneficial to wildlife? Just contact us for recommendations on bee and butterfly friendly varieties.

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