Instant Hedging & Screening

An ideal solution for high end residential schemes, instant hedging can be used to immediately create natural screening.

Since we supplied the Athletes’ Village for the London 2012 Olympics – our first large scale instant hedging project – we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for our instant hedging and screening.

We now produce a large volume of Hornbeam as individual potted plants grown from UK provenance, in addition to Photinia in sizes up to 1.2m and feathered Quercus ilex, which can all be used to create beautifully natural instant hedging.

We also have both evergreen and deciduous instant hedging available, and can supply it as individual pot grown trees, field grown hedging or even as lengths.

Looking to create an instant impact natural shelter belt? We can supply field grown pine and feathered multi-stem trees which are ideal for this purpose.

Looking for a quick turnaround from order to delivery? We have a selection of instant hedging material grown on our own nurseries which can be quickly supplied to your site. Just contact us to find out more.

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