At Crowders Nurseries, we’ve got the production facilities and skilled staff to grow a full range of trees, from small transplants to feathered trees.

Thanks to our two growing areas, with both sandy and clay/loam soil, we’ve got the infrastructure in place to grow trees sorted to a wide range of planting conditions.

We’ve got the nursery production facilities in place to field grow planting material from a seedling all the way up to a large girth tree – as a result, we can offer stock in a wide range of specifications, grown from UK certified seed with full traceability. Thanks to our highly experienced production team, we’re also able to bud and graft in-house and fully manage our own production. This means that unlike other nurseries, we aren’t just importing stock to grow-on.

Looking for rootball trees? We can help. At Crowders Nurseries, we have the specialist machinery required to lift trees with the soil contained around the roots. The rootball is then wrapped in hessian and secured in a wire basket, both of which will decompose once planted. This method of lifting minimises stress during transportation, keeps the majority of vital fibrous roots intact, and helps contains the moisture.

Concerned about biosecurity? At Crowders Nurseries, we take our commitment to biosecurity very seriously, and ensure that our own grown planting material is always kept separate from imported stock.

Looking for certified UK sourced and grown trees? Thanks to our advanced stock control system, we can provide trees which have a fully traceable provenance, as well as certified native forest reproductive material.

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