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Take advantage of our extensive range and timed delivery services to receive all your planting material on site exactly when you need it.

We eliminate the hassle of managing numerous different suppliers by providing you with a reliable, single point of contact for all the plants you need to complete your project.

From our years of experience, we have built up the growing facilities and extensive network of industry contacts needed to offer you an unparalleled range of high quality planting material, backed up by our outstanding customer service. This means when you send us an order, we will be able to supply exactly what you need, precisely when you need it.

We can also combine your whole order into a single delivery, saving you the time, effort and expense of waiting for multiple loads to arrive from different suppliers. Plus, you’ll receive a call 48 hours before our delivery arrives on site, so you’re always prepared.

Have an additional delivery requirement? Whether you need your plants delivered at a specific time or by FORS registered vehicles, we can help. Just click here to view our delivery info, or give us a call.

Working on a high profile or nationally significant contract? We have got the experience you can count on. We can facilitate nursery inspections, allowing you to see in-person that our stock is being grown to your exact specification for extra peace of mind.

Related Services for Landscapers
A One Stop Shop
Supplying the full range of planting material
At Crowders Nurseries, we’re well equipped to supply the full landscape package to our clients, from trees and hedging to perennials and shrubs, as well as essential sundries such as tree stakes and spiral guards. Thanks to this one stop shop approach, we can even consolidate your full order into a single delivery, arriving on site exactly when you need it.
Get a Quote
We’re dedicated to providing rapid quote turn-arounds
We run an efficient sales office at Crowders Nurseries, offering quick quote turn-arounds to all of our customers. Our qualified estimating team has a commitment to return every quote request within a maximum of 48 hours, meaning you’ll quickly receive our competitive prices for our unique full package approach. Simply send us your planting list, and we’ll do the rest.
Instant Impact Material
Making your project look stunning from day 1
To make sure your project looks great from the day one, we can supply instant impact and fully mature planting material to give your projects a striking look. This is ideal for projects where a grand opening or upcoming marquee event is planned. Our experienced sales team can also leverage their extensive plant knowledge to recommend varieties that will look great in autumn and winter to ensure your site looks its best all year round.

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