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Public Sector

We’ve supplied plants to numerous public sector projects over the years, including roads, railways and even the London Olympic Park.

As the supplier of plants to HS2, The Mersey Gateway, Crossrail, the London Olympics, and more, we’ve established a proven track record as a leading wholesale nursery for government projects at a local and national level.

We understand what it takes to supply large scale government infrastructure projects, and have successfully completed numerous PQQs and ITTs, most notably for HS2 – Europe’s largest infrastructure project. We also have established quality management frameworks in place, including ISO 9001 certification, to highlight our commitment to constantly deliver outstanding service and planting material.

We also take a rigorous approach to equality, diversity and inclusion, with our full EDI and modern slavery policies conveyed from staff to customers and our entire supply chain.

Have a specific requirement for seed source or provenance? We have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. We work closely with organisations such as the Woodland Trust to grow seeds collected from specific sites into trees with a fully traceable provenance, and can offer this same service to any of our customers who require planting material grown from a particular seed stock.

As part of the contract to supply 7 million trees and shrubs for HS2, we starred in the following supplier case study video (produced by HS2 Ltd.)

Related Services for the Public Sector
Contract Growing
Advanced procurement for public sector projects
Crowders Nurseries are able to undertake contract growing for projects of all sizes. By liaising with us early in the procurement process, we can use our extensive knowledge base to ensure that all stock is grown to the exact specification required – including growing from seed with a specific, traceable provenance. Thanks to our robust quality management systems certified to ISO9001:15, you can also rest assured that we’ll deliver the exact finished planting material that you need.
Contract Growing for Government Projects
Native Planting Material
Supplying planting material with a fully traceable provenance
We’re investing heavily in UK grown material of British provenance, and over 60% of our own stock is now grown from our own cuttings and seed under our strict biosecurity measures. We also have the systems in place to ensure the provenance of the native planting material we supply is fully traceable, from the smallest shrubs all the way up to our largest trees. We can even carry out contract growing from seed collected in a specific region of the UK.
Contract Growing for Government Projects
Biosecurity Measures
We take biosecurity and environmental management seriously
We ensure that our entire supply chain is controlled through our rigorous biosecurity and environmental protection measures, as well as our ISO9001 quality management. Our nursery is independently inspected and audited 4 times per year as part of our ZP passporting requirement, enabling us to deliver our plants throughout Europe. We also register all imports of notifiable species on to the eDomero notification board.

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