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Our plants will bring your designs and client’s vision to life.

We have built our reputation on fulfilling our customers’ visions and supplying the exact planting material needed to turn designs into reality.

Over the years, we have established many solid relationships with architects as a trusted plant supplier who can always be counted on to deliver the material needed to fulfil the client’s vision. No matter how exacting or challenging your requirements may be, we can assist you from day one to supply exactly what you need. We can even use our extensive industry experience to offer advice on which plants would be best suited to your project.

Looking for wholesale plants with a quick turnaround? We grow a wide variety of plants for landscape architecture projects, and use our expertise to make sure we have them in stock and in the right specifications when you need them most. If you need planting material at short notice, we are here to help.

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An Unparalleled Range
An extensive supply chain you can trust

At Crowders Nurseries, we grow an extremely wide range of plants across our three nurseries, with over two thirds of our stock being produced from our own cuttings and seed. However, if your project requires a variety we do not produce, we have a wide network of trusted nurseries in our supply chain who we’ve built extensive business relationships with. We also control this entire process through our ISO audited quality management and biosecurity measures, to ensure that we always deliver the highest quality planting material.

Helpful Advice
Our experienced team can help specify the plants for your project
Leverage the knowledge of the Crowders Nurseries team and receive advice from experienced industry experts. No matter how large or small your project may be, we’ll be happy to get involved early on in the process to provide advice on any aspect of the planting – whether you’re looking for bee and butterfly friendly varieties, natural screening or instant impact material.
Fantastic Looking Plants – Immediately
Established planting material for an instant impact
For projects that need a mature planting scheme from day one, we can supply a wide range of instant impact material, including established trees and ornamental herbaceous. We can also offer a large selection of instant hedging, including certified UK sourced and grown, which is ideal for creating an immediate natural privacy screen on residential projects.

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