Action for Happiness believes ‘prioritising happiness and kindness influences how we approach everything’.

Our mental health lead, Sarah Curzon, is helping Crowders to support ‘Jump Back Up July’ with Action for Happiness.

At Crowders we make a conscious effort to support all mental health initiatives to ensure the welfare of our team is at the forefront of our internal mission, considering how much time we spend at work, it’s not surprising that workplace environments and culture affect our personal wellbeing.

Throughout the month on the Action for Happiness website you can carry out small acts to support Jump Back Up July here are just a few:

  • Find three things you feel hopeful about and write them down
  • Notice when you are feeling judgemental and be kind instead
  • Think about what you can learn from a recent problem

If you would like to know what more you can do, visit: Jump Back Up July – Action for Happiness


Jump Back Up July – Action for Happiness