Crowders are one of two companies aiming to gain the title of Trade Nursery of the Year 2022. After winning the award last year we eagerly took the opportunity to apply again, hoping for the same success this year.

Our application for the award is centred around our teams’ successes, company successes, our positive contributions to our local community, and our input to the global fight against climate change.

One of our main goals, as a company, is to create a nurturing and progressive environment for all employees – this is achieved by offering educational opportunities. To ensure our company is on a constant positive trajectory we fund the further education of many current employees, not only does this broaden their horticultural understanding but it ensures a high level of service is delivered to our customers.

Furthermore, our involvement within the local community ensures we provide a charitable yet profitable service. Our involvement within local environmental projects ensures we positively contribute to the fight against climate change. Additionally, working within the local community ensures Crowders have a strong working foundation made of local residents and employee connections – creating a supportive and beneficial working environment. Through the integration of interns, we have become a horticultural educational nursery for individuals wishing to join a company with a growing future.

We believe that these positive and proactive steps have ensured our place in the shortlist for Trade Nursery of the Year. As we move into more uncertain environmental times our positive contributions can showcase our plan for a successful future for Crowders.

Our team – James, Jenny, Gavin and Polly, will be attending the Pro Landscaper Business Awards on the 22nd of April in London, Canary Wharf, at the East Wintergarden.